The COP22 is in full swing, and leading politicians, NGOs and think tanks are flying in from around the world. Except for Mattias Goldmann, CEO of the green and liberal think tank Fores – he took the train from Sweden, with a positive example and a challenge from every stop along the way; Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, the Mediterranean sea, Tanger – and Marrakech where he and colleagues report at

Read Mattias impressions from the train trip here, including which train was the fastest, greenest, cheapest… and most intimate. (read in swedish here).

Read ”the Guide to the Climate Negotiations and Paris Agreement” here!

The project COP-Train to Marrakech is athe-guide-to-cop22 tour of enlightenment with the aim to strengthen the dialogue between policy makers, politicians, corporations and civil society on the complex topics of the COP22 climate meeting.

Also read ”COPtrain – när går ditt flyg?” (in swedish)

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Regular updates from the COP-train will be broadcasted on  The public will also be able to ask Mr. Goldmann and his colleagues questions through social media and interact with local actors by suggesting topics for the interviews he will conduct on spot and broadcast on this website along the COP-train trip.

Interview with Mattias Goldmann about traveling by train and his expectations on the climate negotiations (swedish).

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From the COP itself, Mattias Goldmann and colleagues provide the website with updates about the COP meeting.

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Episode 1: Stockholm – Preview
Episode 2: Gothenburg
Episode 3: Malmö
Episode 4: Copenhagen
Extra Edition: Hamburg
Episode 5: Brussels
Episode 6: Paris
Episode 7: Barcelona
Extra Edition: Barcelona
Episode 8: Tangier
Episode 9: Morocco
Extra Edition: NOOR – solar energy

Episode 1: Stockholm Preview – We’re about to train!

Mattias Goldmann starts his journey in Stockholm, Sweden. The country which has made its name at the global climate negotiations as the nation of the world’s first fossil independent transport sector by 2030. Mr. Goldmann is the ambassador of Swedens national 2030-climate goal and elected Sweden’s most influential profile for sustainability 2016.  


Stockholm, Sweden

After Paris  – What will happen in Marrakech?
In december 2015 the world’s nations agreed upon a global climate agreement. It is now officially ratified by a growing numbers of nations but a number of crucial questions are still on the table as the COP22 in Marrakech, the 7th-18th of november, is approaching.

In order to assess what is to become the main focus i Marrakech, what to expect after the Paris Agreement and how to meet the new climate standards as a nation ratifying the Climate Agreement, Fores and the European Liberal Forum invited three experts on the subjects to a panel discussion in Stockholm.

Watch the seminar (in Swedish) here.

Episode 2 – Gothenburg: november 6

Round-table discussion about climate commitment
On 6th of November a roundtable discussion was held at Ekocentrum which is to become Fores Väst, with distinguished scholars, business leaders and public authority leaders as participants. The focus for the discussion at the roundtable was how business can use the COP negotiations.


Episode 3 – Malmö: November 7

Good COP, Bad COP – What will be the result of Marrakech?
On 7th of November – Fores, Attitude Meetings and European Liberal Forum (ELF) held a seminar about the significance of the Paris Climate agreement and it’s implications for the local political and busienss communities. Mattias Goldmann, CEO at Fores began the semiar to introduce important topics regarding COP22. After an introduction, a panel discussion was held with the vice major Milan  Obradovic, the Member of Parliament Kristina Yngwe and Karin Jönsson from the leading energy company EOn. Moderator for the seminar was Jasmin Arhan Modéer, CEO at Attitude Meetings.

Episode 4 – Copenhagen: November 7

On 7th of November – Fores and the European Liberal Forum (ELF) in collaboration with the Danish green think thank Concito collected NGOs, politicians, the Danish Climate Council and business representatives. During the seminar 15 leading experts discussed the negotiations at COP and the role of non- UN climate initiatives.

Extra Edition: Night Train in Hamburg

Watch the extra edition vlog in Hamburg with Mattias Goldmann, talking about several company’s that reducing the number of night trains. Follow the COP-train on youtube or at


Episode 5 – Brussels: November 8

Energy security and the decarbonization of the transport sector
On 8th of November  Fores and ELF held a seminar in  energy security and the decarbonization of the transport sector. Today, EU member states are importing fossil fuels at a scale that makes future climate targets hard to reach. In addition, it creates a energy dependency that may have severe security implications. Is it possible to address these two challenges in one bat?

Episode 6 – Paris: November 9

The Paris Agreement and your business 
On 9th of November the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Paris held a seminar on the Paris climate agreement and discussed the significance of the climate agreement for the business community. The seminar was in colloboration with the European Liberal Forum (ELF) and Fores.


Episode 7 Barcelona: November 10

A coastal city in danger: How to deal with the climate change
In Barcelona, the focus was on a high level dialogue rather than a mass meeting, with a roundtable discussion at the Journalist’s Association, focusing on the sustainability of the shared economy and tourism – both very pertinent issues for Barcelona. Watch a short video from the seminar in Barcelona here!

See episode 7 from Barcelona here below, Mattias talk about taxi-cars that should be electric by now.

Extra Edition: South of Spain

Mattias Goldmann, the Swedish ambassador for the 2030-goal, a fossil independent transport sector by 2030 is waiting for the train in Barcelona, watch the video below where Goldmann talk about electricyt and biofuels trains.

Episode 8 – Tangier: November 12

Good COP, Bad COP? Insights from the Journey to Marrakesh
As world leaders gather in Marrakesh for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP22) to discuss international efforts to combat man-made climate change, the European Liberal Forum, with the support of FORES, will hold the last of a series of 8 events dedicated to COP22 and to the challenges of climate change. ELF and Fores will present the insights it has gathered on the journey to Marrakesh, and hold a discussion not only on the recent developments that have been made in this area, but also on the right way forward.

Read Mr. Goldmann’s short conclusion of the best, the worst and the most punctual trains through his journey in Europe here.

Episode 9 – Morocco: November 14

Mattias has arrived in Morocco, Tangier. Watch episode 9 of the Coptrain series. Goldmann talks about a high-speed train that’s going to run from Tangier to the Casablanca, the capital in Morocco.

Extra Edition: NOOR – solar power station

Mattias Goldmann, the Swedish ambassador for the 2030-goal, a fossil independent transport sector by 2030 visiting NOOR the solar power station in Morroco. Goldmann describe how it will be able to store solar energy in the form of heated molten salt. Watch the extra edition from NOOR below!

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